df-mp – The Advantage of Competence

Aktenordner df-mp’s attorneys are distinguished by a high level of scientific qualification and legal expertise. df-mp advises international corporations as well as domestic and foreign law firms in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, electrical and mechanical arts, pharmaceuticals, trademarks and designs.

Given the size of each practice group and the diversified, in-depth specializations of each patent attorney, df-mp is now one of the leading intellectual property firms in Europe.

df-mp – Specialists in the Electrical and Mechanical Arts

David Molnia, a co-founder of df-mp, heads the firm’s strong and diversified practice in the electrical and mechanical arts. The electrical engineering practice group’s expertise spans a vast technical area, including telecommunications, e-commerce, and computer-software. Other fields of activity are in optics and in measurement systems as well as in systems for measuring and controlling substances in fluids and tissues.

The mechanical engineering practice group has an emphasis on medical devices. Other spheres of activities encompass cases in computer-hardware and in the paper industry as well as in the automotive industry.

df-mp – Specialists in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry

Dr. H. Ulrich Dörries and Sandra Pohlman head the biotechnology and the pharmaceuticals practice groups. They are both recognized experts in the field of life sciences and co-founders of the firm. The consulting services of the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals practice group encompass a wide range of technical subject matter.

In the area of biotechnology, our technical skills include recombinant protein and DNA technology, immunology, gene therapy, PCR-based technologies, SNP and haplotype analysis, antisense RNA, siRNA and aptamer technology as well as therapies based on such technology. Furthermore, we cover methods for protein purification, stem cell technology and processes and culture conditions for cultivation of cells and tissues.

In the area of pharmaceuticals, the range of technical expertise includes cancer therapy, contraception, immunosuppression and immunomodulation, anti-angiogenesis, ultrasound contrast agents, synthetic and natural active agents, pharmaceutical formulation (including microparticle and nanoparticle technology), high-throughput screening methods as well as various methods of diagnosis.

The chemistry practice group is led by Dr. Michael Eder and Dr. Elisabeth Greiner. In this area the range of expertise covers not only pharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry, but also inorganic and organic chemistry, such as process development, polymer chemistry, and catalyst technology. This practice group is furthermore concerned with materials science, which includes composite materials, ceramics and graphite.

df-mp – Experts in Trademarks and Designs

Mr. Molnia also oversees df-mp’s trademarks and designs practice. The varied services rendered by this practice group cover the filing of trademarks and design applications in Germany, Europe, and, as a result of international agreements, world-wide, as well as the enforcement of trademark rights.

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